The difference between TweetDeck and HootSuite.

There are most popular options that involves a lot of social media updating and interacting with followers, you may have wondered what social media management platform might be best for you and your team and they are TweetDeck and HootSuite. Both TweetDeck and HootSuite have similar layouts. They both use dashboards with separate columns for you to organize your streams, @mentions, messages, and tracked hashtags and so on. You can add as many columns as you want to either platform and scroll from side to side to view all of them.

The deference between them is the TweetDeck has a neat little pop-up box that appears in top right corner of your screen every time an update is posted. The one thing that irks me about TweetDeck’s layout is the white text on black background. In older versions, there used to be an option to choose different layouts, but since it was acquired by Twitter, many of those options were taken away. The button to post triggers a pop-up box in the middle of the screen along with all the social profiles connected to TweetDeck so you can post to multiple and the HootSuite can be integrated with Facebook profiles/pages/groups, Twitter, Google+ pages, LinkedIn profiles/groups/companies, Foursquare, WordPress, MySpace, and Mixi accounts. And as if that wasn’t enough, HootSuite also has an extensive App Directory you can use to connect to eve more profiles like YouTube, Tumblr, Flickr, Instagram and so many more. Although HootSuite can connect to many more social networks than TweetDeck can, a free account with HootSuite will only allow you to have up to five social profiles. You need to upgrade to a Pro account if you need to manage more than five profiles. In Most cases it is used for updating accounts other than Facebook and Twitter. HootSuite is a better option.